Painting my first room - the bath of Kismet House

Painting my first room - the bath of Kismet House

Happy Fall y’all! How is the weather in your neck of the woods? We have a roller coaster of emotions here in Idaho, 80’ highs and now today wicked wind and 50’!

Over the weekend I stumbled upon the newly renovated bath of Kismet House, one of my favorite DIY couples. Their Modern English style immediately catches your eye with it’s clean but dramatic palette, moulding, and easy to follow DIY projects.


I mean just look at those rooms! Full of charm and coziness. How could you not paint them?!

Now on to the painting! These are the brushes and texture I used:

1. Oil on Canvas Procreate brushes by Abbie Uproot 

2. My Ipad Paintbrush Stylus HERE (use code “CREATOR”  for a discount!)

3. Watercolor paper, as a pre layered canvas! Click here my canvas size for this room is an 11x14” 300 DPI

4. Here is the color palette I used, generated by Procreate’s built in Palette Builder! You can see a video of how to use it by clicking here. I will be doing a reel soon on how to integrate your photos into the color bar.

Palette for Kismet House

Next, snag your favorite shot, I used a screen shot from Erin’s TickTock account with her doggo modeling all the way, and split screened it on my iPad:

Screen shot of my iPad screen canvas

The next step is up to you, you can free hand and reference using your photo, sketch, or jump all in and start painting like me! I use to sketch out every project and still love that look of a crisp black line over a painting, but the gift of painting digitally is if you mess up.. just press the handy dandy undo button!

You can see here I started to ink the shapes out and then threw that idea to the wind:

Start your painting by blocking in what stands out to you most, or even by depth. What is closest to you? Does that cute doggo really stand out and you want to paint him first? Go for it! The cool thing about digital is utilizing those LAYERS. I started mine by doing walls-floors-decor-dog-shadows.

Blocking in paint

Here I turned off my ink layer, and just kept blocking in colors on their own layer according to how “close” they were to me in the room. Picture yourself standing here! I couldn’t resist that curly coat on Dorothy so I worked on her once I had most of the room mapped out.

I used the default brush INKA in Procreate to do her fur, laying down color first then switching to the same brush in smudge mode to meld it all together:


Just look at all that texture! If you are struggling with the texture part remember that you need to use digital paper to enhance your painting! You can see here what happens when I shut half of it off:


The texture still looks really pretty! Definitely more oil based and closer to what you see on a real canvas. But even with real paint and paper/canvas there is texture that grabs the paint in more areas than others!

This painting took me about 4 days so far, and I am still adding the final touches such as the tassels on the rug, finishing the ceiling, and shadows. Here is what it looks like now!

Have any questions for me or need a mini tutorial? Leave a comment below!




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Your process is fascinating. Procreate has always intimidated me. You are a master at it.


Thank you Jeanne!

Catherine Wahlen

Wow, I am amazed and love it!


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